The Kaup Light House

Sr.No. : F  0658  


:  130  13.4 N                 740 44.2 E  


: fl (3) W 20 Sec


: 34 m high circular stone  masonry Tower (Black   & white   bands)

Height above  MSL

: 43 m


: 24 NM 
Optical  Equipment :  700 mm 2nd order revolving  optic assembly (3  panels)   inside 3.6m dia Lantern  house (Chance Bros.)


: 230 V 400 W MH lamp

Source of Energy

: Mains supply 440V 50 Hz  (Stand by Genset provided)

Year first Commissioned 

: 1900

Subsequent Innovations

: 1935,1996   


: Kap Lighthouse,   Kaup.    (574 106)
Telecom : 08252-51021


Kaup Light House

The Lighthouse tower was built in 1901

on a 12m high Kap rock.



Kaup is a small town on NH-17. It is about 7 Km South of the town of Udipi. The coast near to Kap is formed by basalt rocks starting from Multi river (about 8 Km South of the Lighthouse) and extending up in the Northern direction.

The Lighthouse tower was built in 1901 on a 12m high Kap rock. The ruins of Kap Battery (of cannons) can be seen close to the Lighthouse. The battery is probably one of the many such batteries established by Tippu Sultan in the region.

The second order optic and PV light source with 55mm burner was commissioned in April 1901.The equipment was supplied by M/s. Chance Bros. Birmingham.

The inside masonry lining of the tower has been raised up and served as murette while the outside masonry lining projects out to form a platform around the murette. The tower was painted white. Mr. John Oswald, the then Chief Inspector of Lighthouses had carried out his inspections on 1st March 1929 and 23rd November 1929. He recommended to adjust the character to fl (3) W 20 seconds.

 In 1935 general improvements of the Lighthouses were carried out. The tower was at the time, painted with Black and white bands. The PV light source was replaced with Metal Halide lamp in March 1996.